“We  were very fortunate to have had Jeremy as our Realtor. He provided us with the most honest and accurate market evaluation of our home. Jeremy really had our interests at heart. We will not hesitate to highly recommend Jeremy to any of our friends or family who are considering selling or buying homes. ” 

– Kathy and Sinclair Dalgleish

“Jeremy did an awesome job! We will have no problem referring him as a great Realtor. Jeremy has the plan and as long as you follow it, it works great!”

– Steve & Nereda Hygh

“I just really liked Jeremy’s presentation the best. He had a very good line on how he wanted to handle the sale and I was very impressed with that.”

 – Cheryl Miller

“He seems a lot more enthusiastic, a lot more driven and a lot more like a go getter rather than just sitting around hoping for something to happen which was part of my frustration in the past with other Realtors.”  

– Rachel Maurice

“He’s a young fella full of vinegar and you know what! Does a good job, gets back to you and he’s a personable guy. I did good in the past with him so I’ll stay with him.” 

– Rodney Sundby

“When Jeremy first came and I knew I wanted him to be my Realtor, I was just very impressed with his plan, his straight forward approach and most of all he exudes positivity. He’s was very much like “we’re going to get this done!” and I really like that.”

– Dr. Jennifer Thomas

“He was amazing! He always communicated with us what was going on. I forsee him being our Realtor for years to come.”

– Brandon and Suvannah Ruddock

Right to the end Jeremy looked after us so well and most of all he is honest and genuine and does his job to the fullest. Thank you Jeremy for taking such good care of us and our home”

– Allan and Heidi Strom

“He’s so quick and so efficient and he stuck to his word. He promised me that he would work his butt off for me and he did!” 

– Lee Peters